Welcome To Grayrock & Associates!

PortraitGrayrock & Associates partners with clients to create permanent profit improvement and sustained predictability for their manufacturing and distributions processes.

What would happen to your business if you:

  • Created Confident Employees?
  • Increased Your Capacity?
  • Improved Your Profit Growth?
  • Created Predictable Financial Results?


What we offer:

What Grayrock & Associates offers is a service that will allow your people to operate as a mastermind capable of making the list above a reality in a time frame that is usually months and not years. We believe that the key to your success is within your four walls – residing within the collective minds of your people!

What is a Mastermind?

What is a mastermind? In short, two heads working together are better than one. The result is the ability to act more proactively rather than more reactively.

There are many methodologies on how to improve your business, and sadly most fail to deliver the results you are expecting, nor can they be sustained for very long. Not only that, a methodology given to you as a cookbook from the outside, is extremely easy to copy, thus your competitive advantage is typically very short lived. That’s why Grayrock focuses on helping you create a self-sustaining mastermind culture that will become a permanent part of your business environment. The process of developing this think tank will permanently improve your employees’ ability to work together and come up with innovative solutions. It will give you a competitive advantage, improve profit growth, and improve revenue growth. Moreover what is done and how it is done will be unique to your company and very difficult for others to duplicate.

The Results

• A team that can win and beat the competition.
• A work environment where the boss and the people they work closely with want them to individually succeed.
• An atmosphere where everyone is appreciated for his or her best effort and everyone watches each others back instead of stabbing each other in the back.
• A company can win if it knows how to THINK together.

Bottom line, the good changes in your team and in your business will be permanent and the forecasted results of your business will become predictable and self-sustaining. On top of that, your employees will look forward to coming into work and your talented people with stay with you.

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