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How we manage our scrap events determines whether our business thrives or dies. Consider a policy to start absolute-lot quantities, which means, no extras, ever. You have two choices regarding how you manage scrap events in your shop; your choice could be the difference between your business thriving or dying. The most popular option for […]


What Is Ego and Why Should We Care in this Election? What you saw in last nights debate were two men that had big egos and why wouldn’t they?  Both had multiple degrees from Ivy League schools.  Both had remarkably successful political careers: one President of the United States of America and the other a […]


A huge motivation for my books “Change Your DAM Thinking” and “You Have a DAMProblem” is a failure of intelligent people to communicate. I found the ability to communicate in a company defines a company’s ability to perform. Communication defines the culture, it exposes people’s behaviors, and it is the leading indicator of a company’s […]


In this podcast Richard Shipley, the former President of Shipley company, a company that was a key innovator in making enabling technologies for the micro electronics industry and making micro processors and memory chips, discusses how the Malcolm Baldrige award became a distraction for his company. So much so that it threw his company into […]