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Are all around us.  Agile companies are incredibly successful.  They can respond swiftly to a market need, where employees have a burning desire for their company to succeed, where everyone collaborates and supports each other passionately.  No great company today said they got there because of their IT technology.  Yet when you look up agile […]


Summary: Because of the increasing complexities of our business, a 10% reduction in our scrap rate can have as much economic benefit as moving a shop to China! Figuring out our DAM scrap is a complex task, but worth doing. The PCB Magazine Aug 2012 READ NOW


Cost accounting selects jobs with the highest margin and rejects jobs with the lowest margin, but this may be the wrong answer; the highest margin jobs may not be the most profitable! The problem is that cost accounting ignores flow—the rate of money generated per unit time. Understanding how to optimize constraint can generate impressive top and bottom line performance. The PCB Magazine […]