Building Teams the Right Way | Patty Fricke

What can you learn from a hair dresser about building strong cross functional teams that get results in record time? A lot. You can learn all sorts of things from virtually anyone! In this interview Patty Fricke explains how she works with a major national retailer to build strong teams using the same model she used as a hair dresser. First find out what the client wants and explain, almost as in a story, what success looks like. Then take this story and define it in concrete objectives that can be shared with the team. Then explain the story and the objectives with the team so they know what they must do and are motivated to succeed. One of the tricky things to do is to blend new team members with veteran team members in combination of you being the outsider to both groups. One of Patty’s key techniques was to listen to each team member individually to hear their thoughts, what they wanted, what they struggle with, and share their ideas. After Patty made this time investment and earned each team members trust, it was and easy thing to bring everyone together, armed with what defined success according to their customer/boss, so that their meetings and work where maximally productive.

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