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How we manage our scrap events determines whether our business thrives or dies. Consider a policy to start absolute-lot quantities, which means, no extras, ever. You have two choices regarding how you manage scrap events in your shop; your choice could be the difference between your business thriving or dying. The most popular option for […]


Summary: Because of the increasing complexities of our business, a 10% reduction in our scrap rate can have as much economic benefit as moving a shop to China! Figuring out our DAM scrap is a complex task, but worth doing. The PCB Magazine Aug 2012 READ NOW


Summary: It pays to schedule equipment replacements and to do regular preventative maintenance. You may think this is costing you production, but it isn’t. A reliability mindset is essential to your plant’s production and quality performance. In other words, you can pay now, or pay more, later. The PCB Magazine June 2012 — READ NOW


Escaping the commodity mindset and becoming more competitive and valuable starts with “us” and how we choose to treat our suppliers. Because of today’s market turbulence, we need suppliers who can perform. If it is all about price, we are going to have a supplier who doesn’t care about performance. If our suppliers do perform, then we must pay them fairly, based on […]

Reclaiming technological leadership

SUMMARY: If we want our PCB businesses to thrive, we must abandon a cost-cutting strategy, adopt a growth strategy with innovation as its cornerstone and create technological breakthroughs that cause turbulence for competitors. We must lead micro fine-line fabrication processing that approaches semiconductor scales. The PCB Magazine April 2012 — READ NOW