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Bell-UH-1H-Iroquois-(Huey)_P1Back in the cold war Colonel Carl Schott was responsible for leading the use of tactical nuclear weapons if the Soviets decided to roll their tanks into Germany. With leaders like Carl with their absolute commitment and discipline to high standards it is easy to see why the Soviets never did this. Here are some important points to this interview. First, if you are going to be a good leader than you have to also be a good follower. In life, in the military, with family you are never in a position where you are always the ultimate leader. Second, a good leader is a student of leadership. You study those above you and below you and treat it as a leadership laboratory where you constantly are learning and improving all of the time. Third, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Great leaders are never perfect leaders, but they are honest leaders and are willing to describe their mistakes and what they learned. Forth, If you don’t care about the people you lead, you will fail. If it is all about you will never lead people. Fifth, you know how to assign work and grow the people you lead. There will be more interviews with Carl Schott.

The Interview:

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