Pressure: the Secret Ingredient for Innovation | Dr. Frank Delk

Frank Delk’s life has been in leading teams and companies on how to be innovative. A keen observer who is constantly learning he engages in a provocative discussion on the blind spots that DAMs up innovation. Innovation requires an open mind where we have to disconnect from what our brains want to have happen based on a strong belief. We don’t like to be wrong. We like to be right. But these wants get in the way of innovation. Evidence trumps beliefs and theories. One belief companies have is if you want innovation you want to remove constraints an provide very large budgets. This actually works against innovation, because innovation is based on thinking through problems, which are impediments to the goal we want. It is in figuring this out in an environment of pressure and constraints that drives the flow of innovation. Finally, people have to be properly motivated to innovate. Money or making more money has proven again and again not to be a good motivator for innovation. Fear, or the need to innovate or you wont get paid or you might die, such as the supposed myth that innovation occurs during war time, is in fact false and is not a good motivator to get people to innovate. In order to motivate innovation is to make it based on performance, such as time, a positive challenge where the net result it raises peoples passion to be successful. Finally, the overall cultural environment also can have a counter intuitive motivation for innovation which may be a subject of a future podcast.

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