“The solution to all of your business problems is within your four walls.”

~Gray McQuarrie author of “You Have a DAM Problem.”

Our goal is to teach you how to solve complex business problems on your own by developing the capacity of your employees and management teams into a mastermind team. This change and new understanding will become a permanent fixture of your business culture. The best way to learn how to do this is within the context of a real business problem.

Here are the steps Grayrock & Associates follow with the companies we work with.

Step 1: Why work with us at all?
Our first step is to figure out what is preventing your business from obtaining the results you want. For instance, many business owners know they have problems in the company, but figure if they don’t take too close a look, they’ll just go away. This FREE telephone consultation will help us pull (not push) you toward the changes you want, because you will have a much clearer understanding of what is getting in your way. This will be a mastermind just between you and Grayrock.

Step 2: Onsite Presentation
You may agree that you need our help, but perhaps other members of your organization need a little convincing. We’d be happy to visit your business with a presentation that explains how we work and how we can help your company. If your people aren’t ready, even the very best plan will never get off the ground. This will introduce your employees to their own explosive potential and to the mastermind concepts.

Step 3: Assessment Phase 1: Discovery
We will guide you on a self-assessment journey of discovery. At the same time, Grayrock & Associates will be conducting its own assessment. At the end of this discovery phase, we will compare notes.

Step 4: Assessment Phase 2: Alignment
Together, we will create a statement of the issues that are holding you back, as well develop a map of how to move forward. The value and power of your mastermind will become obvious after this step.

Step 5: Quick Fix
We want you to see great results as soon as possible. This step will combine the work environment, people component, and process component required to get the permanent positive change that will make your company better. Part of the result of this step is that your people will start to spontaneously mastermind on their own! The improved capacity and growth in your people will be quick and obvious.

Step 6: Continuous Improvement
The final step is to develop a continuous improvement plan and implement it.

Why work with us?
• 25 years of working in small and fortune 100 companies in all capacities.
• BA in Chemistry and a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering – we speak the language.
• 2 Significant Patents – 1) Redefined the whole registration problem in the printed circuit board industry, and 2) Created a new market for Dow Electronic Materials.
• Author of Change Your Dam Thinking and You Have a Dam Problem. Both instructional books are designed to help companies flow and grow by removing dams that obstruct creativity and progress.
• Master Six Sigma Black Belt
• Certified Trainer for SAS Institute Inc., the largest privately held software company in the world.
• Senior Consultant for Factory Physics® (
• Certified modeler with ExtendSim® (

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